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What is Medical Massage?
If you suffer from muscle related pain,  medical  massage/bodywork would
be beneficial  to  you. I am a skilled  practitioner,  with  over 19 years of  
hands on experience  working with people in pain.

The  fundamental  distinction  between  medical massage and other forms of
bodywork is   the fact that   medical   massage is performed  primarily  on
persons with   muscle   injuries,   muscle  pain   syndromes,   and   muscle   
diseases diagnosed   by  a  doctor  or   chiropractor.  It is not a spa
treatment, and rarely involves lubricants (oils, creams or lotions).

Performing medical massage requires a firm background  in  anatomy and
pathology. It utilizes  specific  treatments appropriate to working  with  
disease, pain, and recovery
from injury. The therapist may work from a physician’s prescription or as an
adjunct healer within a hospital  or  physical therapy setting. The goal of
medical massage is to apply therapeutic impact on  parts, systems, and  
organs  of   the  body   using  direct (local)   or   indirect  (reflex)  methods   
of  treatment.   Thus,   medical   massage  is  a  
method  of treatment with the same goals as any other medical procedure.
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David Johnson M.M.P.
Medical Massage Practitioner

  • Chronic Headaches
  • T.M.J.
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Whiplash
  • Pre & Post Natal Pain
  • Hip, Pelvic & Leg pain
  • Stress Management
If   you are having   discomfort  during  pregnancy, low, upper or mid  back, sciatic
pain, or  you  just need   to  relax  and be pampered I can help.

After  delivery  you owe it  to yourself to  get your    S.I. joints  looked at,  to  make   
sure everything  is  working correctly. Pregnancy puts  a huge  strain on the body so
take care of yourself.
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I've  always  loved   massage,   and  have been  a  huge   advocate  of
utilizing massage  for medicinal  and  therapeutic  reasons  in  addition  to  
indulging   in  an  hour   of   luxurious relaxation.  After   suffering  a   
miscarriage  in  my   second   trimester.  I  knew  I'd   need massage
therapy   upon  getting pregnant  again to help me relax and enjoy my  
pregnancy but more importantly keep my  bones and muscles in premium
shape to help sustain forty weeks  of  significant   change  to my  body.  
Not  only is  David  kind,   informative   and  extremely accessible, his  
attention  to detail  and   intuitive  talent  and   gift for healing  is remarkable.
I was high risk during my pregnancy. I could not exercise, as I was
accustomed to, because of this my body was unbelievably tight and out of
shape. David continuously helped encourage underused muscles to relax and
promote the flexibility I was so proud of obtaining. I highly recommend
David's massage therapy and am thrilled he is only one mile away. I'm
looking forward to many post-natal massages.

Carly C.
Do You Suffer From Muscle Related Pain?